Package-level declarations


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data class SingleReactionViewStyle(@ColorInt val bubbleBorderColorMine: Int, @ColorInt val bubbleBorderColorTheirs: Int?, @ColorInt val bubbleColorMine: Int, @ColorInt val bubbleColorTheirs: Int, @Px val bubbleBorderWidthMine: Float, @Px val bubbleBorderWidthTheirs: Float?, @Px val totalHeight: Int, @Px val bubbleHeight: Int, @Px val bubbleRadius: Int, @Px val largeTailBubbleCy: Int, @Px val largeTailBubbleRadius: Int, @Px val largeTailBubbleOffset: Int, @Px val smallTailBubbleCy: Int, @Px val smallTailBubbleRadius: Int, @Px val smallTailBubbleOffset: Int, val reactionOrientation: Int) : ViewStyle

Style for SingleReactionView. Use this class together with TransformStyle.singleReactionViewStyleTransformer to change SingleReactionView styles programmatically.