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data class ChannelActionsDialogViewStyle(    val memberNamesTextStyle: TextStyle,     val memberInfoTextStyle: TextStyle,     val itemTextStyle: TextStyle,     val warningItemTextStyle: TextStyle,     val viewInfoIcon: Drawable,     val viewInfoEnabled: Boolean,     val leaveGroupIcon: Drawable,     val leaveGroupEnabled: Boolean,     val deleteConversationIcon: Drawable,     val deleteConversationEnabled: Boolean,     val cancelIcon: Drawable,     val cancelEnabled: Boolean,     val background: Drawable)

Style for ChannelActionsDialogFragment. Use this class together with TransformStyle.channelActionsDialogStyleTransformer to change ChannelActionsDialogFragment styles programmatically.

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class ChannelListView : FrameLayout
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data class ChannelListViewStyle(    val optionsIcon: Drawable,     val deleteIcon: Drawable,     val optionsEnabled: Boolean,     val deleteEnabled: Boolean,     val swipeEnabled: Boolean,     @ColorInt val backgroundColor: Int,     @ColorInt val backgroundLayoutColor: Int,     val channelTitleText: TextStyle,     val lastMessageText: TextStyle,     val lastMessageDateText: TextStyle,     val indicatorSentIcon: Drawable,     val indicatorReadIcon: Drawable,     val indicatorPendingSyncIcon: Drawable,     @ColorInt val foregroundLayoutColor: Int,     val unreadMessageCounterText: TextStyle,     @ColorInt val unreadMessageCounterBackgroundColor: Int,     val mutedChannelIcon: Drawable,     val itemSeparator: Drawable,     @LayoutRes val loadingView: Int,     @LayoutRes val emptyStateView: Int,     @LayoutRes val loadingMoreView: Int,     @ColorInt val edgeEffectColor: Int?,     val showChannelDeliveryStatusIndicator: Boolean)

Style for ChannelListView. Use this class together with TransformStyle.channelListStyleTransformer to change ChannelListView styles programmatically.