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class MessageComposerController(    channelId: String,     chatClient: ChatClient = ChatClient.instance(),     maxAttachmentCount: Int = AttachmentConstants.MAX_ATTACHMENTS_COUNT,     maxAttachmentSize: Long = AttachmentConstants.MAX_UPLOAD_FILE_SIZE)

Controller responsible for handling the composing and sending of messages.

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data class MessageComposerState(    val inputValue: String = "",     val attachments: List<Attachment> = emptyList(),     val action: MessageAction? = null,     val validationErrors: List<ValidationError> = emptyList(),     val mentionSuggestions: List<User> = emptyList(),     val commandSuggestions: List<Command> = emptyList(),     val coolDownTime: Int = 0,     val messageMode: MessageMode = MessageMode.Normal,     val alsoSendToChannel: Boolean = false,     val ownCapabilities: Set<String> = setOf(),     val hasCommands: Boolean = false,     val currentUser: User? = null)

Represents the state within the message input.